Can be 2 hours to weekend long events customized for your group.

Wilderness Therapy

Jon can customize programs to fit any agency’s needs.

School Programs

In-School Field Trips, After School, Artist in Residence

Special Occasions

Birthdays, Mitzvahs, Initiation, Gatherings, Reunions



These can be two hours to weekend long events catered to a private group or family.  More skills can be offered with a longer program and particular skills can be developed with more proficiency.


Jon can customize programs to fit any agency’s needs.  With a repertoire that includes wilderness survival skills, plant knowledge, multiple crafting mediums, drumming, rites of passage experiences and storytelling; there are many possibilities for developing a program that can augment existing treatment activities or introduce new ones.  Jon’s prior experience in wilderness therapy and residential treatment programs assists him greatly in facilitating within therapeutic settings.


Programs in schools are offered as: In-School Field Trips; After School Programs; Artist in Residence

Ancient Arts Residency:

An artist in residence program can consist of a series of Ancient Arts classes over an extended period of time (i.e. six months) or within one week or just one day.  Within this structure, participants get an opportunity to learn new skills while improving upon them.  They are also able to create and complete more projects within a longer time frame.  Another advantage to this approach is the possibility of incorporating other activities such as storytelling, drumming, nature awareness initiatives, rites of passage or plant identification walks.

Residency Goals:

  • To teach cooperative and safety skills
  • Developing an appreciation and understanding of indigenous peoples values and wisdom
  •  Provide a hands-on classroom experience for students that are more tactile learners
  • Reinforcing the curriculum of the students involved which could include the botanical elements of the activity (what are the origins of the materials being worked with, where can they be found, what other uses might they have), the historical context (who made this and what was it used for), the language arts elements (storytelling) and/or the musical elements (listening to and learning to play a different type of musical instrument).
  • To teach students how to work efficiently and safely with specific tools


Birthdays; Bar/Bat Mitzvahs; Rites of Passage; Private Gatherings; Family Reunions


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